Welcome to my website

The goal of this site is to familiarize you with my work, and to provide technical and incidental information about my work, and to serve as a sort of gateway to other glyptic sites. This site may also serve as a knowledge bank to those who are just beginning to learn the craft of engraving and carving.

My name is Evgeni Todorov Dimov, and I am a representative of the Bulgarian fine carving and engraving school. I work with fine and miniature inlays and engravings on wood and metal. The combination of these several crafts apply primarily to:

  • Craftsmanship and artistic decoration of different types of knives
  • Decoration of hunting gunstock, including floral ornamentation and hunting scenes
  • Production and decoration of jewelry boxes, and wood-carved knick-knacks, etc.
All of my work is marked with my monogram and includes a certificate of origin and uniqueness.
Each work, in itself, is a product of uniqueness. No two works are the same. Therefore my work is focused primarily to collectors and connoseurs.

Please, take a look at the pictures. I hope you enjoy.